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LeRoy Carter

Apple Tablet
A lot of people are excited about the new Apple Tablet (a.k.a. the iPad 3). Are you one of the many people who are contemplating purchasing a new Apple Tablet? Before you make a commitment, I would like to suggest that you read this article and think about it for a while. In other words, think twice before you make a commitment to purchase the new Tablet. Remember what Smokey Robinson and the Miracles said back in the day? They said, “You better shop around!” Or like I used to tell my son when he was learning how to play baseball and when he was playing in the little league: “Look ‘em over, Wes!”
There has been much hype about the new iPad 3 (a.k.a. the new Apple Tablet) that you need to do some comparison shopping. Months before this new product was released to the public, there had been much acclaim about its features and nuances. But do the new features live up to the hype that preceded the release of the product? I suggest that you do a thorough investigation and check the product out to see if it is really an improvement on its predecessor.
I investigated and checked out the new Apple Tablet and I have discovered some interesting news that I would like to share with you. I am very happy to share this information with you, because I know that you want to be adequately informed. But please don’t just take my word for it. After all, I am a stranger to you and you can read almost any kind of hype online. My advice is that you investigate and check the product out for yourself. As a consumer, you owe it to yourself to discover whether or not the hype about this product is for real or is it simply another one of Apple’s assumptions that whatever they produce will be gobbled up by the market.
It pays to do your homework and not just take somebody else’s word for it. This is good advice for anything that you are going to spend your hard-earned money for. Don’t just give your money away because somebody said that the product you are interested in is a good one. Investigate. Search. Discover for yourself. Shop around. “Look ‘em over!” After you read this article, I believe that you will see a much better alternative than Apple’s Tablet.
Here are some specs on the new Apple Tablet. It contains a slightly larger screen. It is 9.7 inches compared to the 9.5 inches of iPad 2. The new iPad Tablet is actually slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. Actually, it weighs 1.4 lbs., compared to the 1.3 lbs. of the iPad 2. The width is 9.4 mm, compared to the 8.8 mm width of the iPad 2.
A great number of rumors had preceded the new Apple Tablet. Apple boasted that the new Tablet would contain something called a “haptic” screen, or a touch-screen with force feedback to simulate pressing actual buttons. But, you know how it is with most rumors. They mostly turn out to be entirely unfounded. Even the speculation that the device would not contain a physical “Home” button has proved to be unfounded as well. But that is not all. Please read on.
Think about this: the popular-rumored names of the device (the iPad 3 or the iPad HD) turned out to be incorrect. It appears as though Apple simply “rebranded” the latest version of its device “The new iPad.” While the event might be disappointing to some who were expecting flashier, more drastic updates, Apple has proven time and time again that consumers will flock to whatever new devices it puts out. You don’t want them to keep on fooling the public, do you?
I have discovered a much better opportunity for you. This opportunity is also more cost-effective and it has many greater features than the Apple Tablet. Most of all, this product performs much better than the Tablet. Try AMAZON for a much better deal. AMAZON has a much better product. What does AMAZON have that blows the Apple Tablet out of the water? AMAZON has the KINDLE FIRE, a product that I think you will enjoy owning and using. This is your friend LeRoy and I am very happy to share this information with you. To see more about the wonderful AMAZON KINDLE FIRE, as well as many other great AMAZON products, please follow this link: http://www.leroysmarketing.com.


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