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Kobi Belson

Must see-

Eric Spears

I love that the screen is cracked! They must have been teenage aliens!

Simon Apocryphal

Thats the worst photoshop job ive ever seen. Totally unconvinced. 1.)Look at the image quality, picture resolution was not that great in the 70's when this picture was supposedly taken.
2.) If Steve Jobs were to have used "Alien technology" he wouldnt have made it look EXACTLY like what was found.
Either you're trying to fool people or someone has you fooled.
If we were to find ET technology it would look sooo much different than we could imagine.

name not important

ive read files you would not believe your own eyes. there is more going on than anyone will truly know. steve was about to give up his info then all of a sudden cancer took his life. rather the computer they used took it. I have been sent many strange things by a person of the same name that sent this email to the op.

Prashanth K

OOPS that my Samsung galaxy y duos. I trowed it towards moon yesterday , I never thought it will travel through time and fall in to moon. you need proof? see its touch screen is broken. I trowed it away because it my little son broke it.

Berkeley guy

ive been saying that these things r from space 4 a long time not just iphones but the whole info structure was put in place to slowly enslave us
i believe this storie links up with many of my other theories that i expressed in the streets of Berkeley june through july 2011.


si, puede ser posible


The least likely thing no matter how unlikely or impossible it may be; when an alternative &be it ordinary explanation is given rise; for instance the chronology of happenings recorded as history through the events presented &exposed to the world are diluted over time becoming known to be fact in the greater collective knowledge, when in all actuality the most unlikely explanation is often the most simple &most always true. However when that simplicity &truth is convoluted by a parallel mass belief spawned from disinformation conjured to protect the originating entity &its agenda it is then spread through many channels in mass to the masses. It is then that the simple becomes seemingly complex &the actuality of truth of that initial event is disregarded &lost to the pages of time.


so this guy says he doesn't wanna say who he is, but he already named two of the people there, and un unnamed engineer, its obvious that IF the government promised to disappeared his family, I'm sure their smart enough to know who him and the other engineer are, and for sure have seen this article, so..who wrote this crap? ahhaha this is a joke, i believe in aliens, and their intervention of them in eats business, and I'm sure theres extra terrestrial technology in the market but this kind of articles clearly not work believing


You need to read Disclosure Project 2001 by Dr. Steven Greer. http://www.galactic-server.com/radio/greer/disclosure1.html
Dr. Greer has interviewed individuals who claim that the U.S. government has contracted with private industry to reverse engineer alien technology. Apple was one of those companies. Steve Jobs could not have reversed engineered a lot of that technology until now, because the components to make today's mobile devices simply was not available until today. Do I believe in E.T. You bet I do. I write about it all the time. Do a search under the category UFOs and Aliens and you will see some incredible posts there that will enlighten you. Thanks for your feedback. Keep visiting my blog regularly. Tommy


Sorry but I just don't buy it, I totally believe in extra terrestrials there has to be, WE ARE HERE ARE WE NOT!
But I just don't buy this, more conspiracy theories from fertile imaginations for whatever personal gains.
What will this do for apple?
A chance for everyone to own a piece of alien technology for the right price!
Mmmm yeah right, I want to believe but I can't.

When your young you know everything,
Middle age you suspect everything,
Old age you believe everything.

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LOL! I know right, I wish to remain anonymous, but there was only two of us assigned to work on this project.

My guess is, the NSA or any other organization in charge of taking him out, wouldn't mind the killing 2 birds...


Wow, what an article, especially the photo. I find it interesting and a little disturbing. Thanks for sharing.

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So he doesn't want his name revealed, but then narrows himself down to one of two engineers working on the project... then narrows it to one by saying when he retired from apple and that he now teaches.


oh my god, seriously spooky! I was thinking about this possibility today... what the hell?!


Hey guys, this is just a parody post. Throwing out a ridiculous idea. This isn't even my story. It's somebody else's that found its way to my blog. Of course, Jobs is not an alien, but it's an intriguing idea, don't you think?


You've been smoking some bad granola.

Account Deleted

I've been thinking this for a while now. Doesn't mean I'm right but it is a coincidence my private suspicions become articulated elsewwere.

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