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stan marsh

I love how all of you idiots fight this and say time travel is impossible. "You would not survive" or "you have to have a machine to calculate exactly where to put you." You obviously haven't been back in time using time travel so how in sams hell do you know how it works?? But if u do, please set it up so I can go back in time and stop all of your foolish comments


The guys who came up with this really need to find some gainful employment.
If you really want a story how about investigating how America killed Bin Laden so that they could take the praise for liberation the Arabs in much the same way the Romans got rid of that other dissident Jesus, highjacked Christianity and has been claiming it as their own great idea ever since.


So what movie is this story setting up for?

Another monster mockumentary, perhaps?


"Tea partyers?" Really?
The last thing we need is this "party" requiring fiscal responsibility and fighting for the constitution. I guess 'getting rid of' a group of people isn't mean but patriotism and truth are.


that pic is literally a stargate photoshopped into ice..


HAha! stupid people think they know how 'timetravels' works. Its never been done, and its so far impossible. so whatever Einstein or whowhatsoever say in a theory! you cant say, 'no no, its like this and that' Silly humans. Always think they know how it all works right?



Rofl, love the part with the "Magnetic abnormality".. At the south pole.
This is a joke, right? Right?

Rodnas M.

Soundslike the Movie Alien vs.Predators 1

verz crazy but interesting.

The Professor

Shit I apparently also meant Jan 27th not 1st. That's what I get for typing a god-damned diatribe and not paying attention to what I was typing....

The Professor

oops I meant 1965 not 1967. Sorry for the typo

The Professor

What I find the most amusing isn't the chronometer....It's the fact that if that balloon were to really travel back in time in some sort of "time vortex" then it would have frozen in space as the earth is constantly in motion at a very high rate of speed, and I seriously doubt it was in the same place on Jan. 1 1967 as it is right now. There are 2 pressing problems with time travel...

1. You would have break the light-speed barrier which would cause you to be compressed into a singularity. (you would not survive)

2. you would have to have a machine that could calculate EXACTLY where to put you based on the earth's rotation and position in space at the time you were looking to go back to. You would also have to adjust for speed or otherwise you'd hit the earth at the speed that it is moving and you would die.

you would have to have a relative dimension in space-time and move space-time around you not the other way around. (So in effect you'd have to have a T.A.R.D.I.S. which we all know does not and can never exist)


Thanks for the comments. I find these UFO stories incredibly funny sometimes. I just couldn't help myself.


Do you even know what a chronometer is, or how it works???

There is no way it could be set 'back' to a specific date even if it did time travel. If you want to make you story match actual technology then you should say that the chronometer had either much more time than actually passed or much less time.

To set to specific time you would need something that could find the position of earth relative to known stars then calculate how far the planet must have moved from the current dates position. From that you could calculate the date it was at. I don't think they sent that device up.


Sounds like complete and utter BULLSHIT to me, but it's on the internet. and we all know if it's on the net it must be true.


Too funny!


Transformers anyone?


not to be picky or anything, but your "time vortex" map is a map of the arctic, not the antarctic...


wow... it would be nice, but it just unfortunately makes absolutely no sense at all... too much sci-fi and enthusiasm to believe i thinks...


yes. we found the god-damned stargate.

Angela Conti

Ha ha! This is pretty good! Do you think Jack O'Neill made it out ok?

James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

Is there nothing a conspiracy theorist will not find too bizarre to believe?

You are making humans look bad. Find your own planet, please.

Account Deleted

That first picture matches the 'hollow earth' visuals that I've seen. Just sayin'.

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