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Uh, hello,
The photos on the page are mere examples of what the machine could look like, there not pictures of the object num nutts.
If there were photos of whatever it is do you think they would actually be posted on here?
However there is 100% proof that there is some type of man made machine buried in the ice down there in Antarctica. That was proven by the Google satellites that there's an object that is a man made machine down there.
It's awful strange that if you try and find a flight that takes you across Antarctica you won't find one for some strange reason. Nothing is allowed down there by any country. All countries signed an agreement to keep off. Why all the secrecy
Wish we were told the truth


Aliens, what are you waiting for?


I myself spoke to the aliens. They confirmed that they are here.

mark hardacre

you can clearly tell this was all a setup. because if that thing has been down there for nearly 12,000 years then take a close look at the picture and tell me why the light all round the edge of it are still turned on. now surely it cnt work on solar because no light is getting to it. so it has to be 1 big setup.

Reanne Hempsall

The most bogus thing here, is where they state the weather balloon came back with a date displaying from the past. If we had a real time vortex and sent a simple machine like that back a couple years, or even a clock, neither would turn back to the current date.

For one they're not sentient, they don't know what date it is, that's all based on a timer that rolls over to a new day at 12:01 am. Even if you sent these back into the "past", time doesn't really exist and they're not rewinding their own existence, they're still moving forward. They'll continue to count the seconds based on the current date they're set to.

no namer

ok why can't their be a middle ground were we agree to disagree that we do or don't believe something we read?
if that isn't the case what have we ever been able to trust what we've read in the past and wouldn't that make every cell of knowledge we possess subject to doubt or ridicule or abuse?
seriously let's be grown ups and marvel at the very low possibility that this may be true and be glad that there actually may be a percentage of possibility.
and enough of the "i'm smarter than you" attitude, everybody is smarter in their own way, nobody can know everything it's impossible.
september the 26th will be the day to maybe start believing

good luck out there

You know

Ok first thank you matt you are the first to point ou stargate and thank you Niall you are the only other i could see that also mentioned this. the first picture is from stargate a series on syfy that lasted around 10 years. the whole story line is based off of about 3 different episodes. one where they find the stargate in Antarctica another where it accidentally sends them to 1965. Another where they take the stargate out of Antarctica. there is more than one.

the point being everything with maybe the exeption of the tunneling thing there is based off a syfy series that is now dead.


Well for one thing the tunnel boring machine they show in the pic is the one recently built for a job in Italy. So they make it easy to dismiss this story with deceptions like that.


Sounds like the makings of a great sci-fi story. I did check Google Earth and that cave like structure exists at that location. Pretty weird, if that's a naturally created structure, there's nothing like it in the surrounding area.


This is the funniest part:
"McLein stated that everyone was stunned by the readout on the chronometer. It displayed a date decades in the past: January 27, 1965."
How on earth did the chronometer (fancy word for watch) know that it was 1965? If there is no internet and a connection to check the time (like your computer does.
If you are a time traveler, and have a watch with you. When you step through a time portal, the time would be exactly as it would be if you did`t traveled through time. There is no magical way of knowing what time and year it is.


I googled the topic of the article, so bits of the header, and other than this page being listed, Dan Brown's book Deception Point was the only thing google showed. After reading what the book was about I feel this page is nothing more than a means of promoting that book.


They found my toy!!! Oh, time to rule the world.

Ron Burgandee

Jeez some people are getting furious over a tiny hoax, just cuz some people actually believe it does not mean the human race is filled with retards. I mean this is like religion, extraordinary claims with absolutely no believable evidence. And there are a few smart people who believe in god. Its just a national enquirer-esque hoax, let it go.


This article has absolutely no evidence backing it up whatsoever. I challenge someone to find evidence in this article. The basis of it is on unverified reports (a.k.a things that got made up on the spot whilst writing the piece). Also, a lot of the information is coming from the world renowned Marrianne McLein...oh wait, there is no record of her existence.

Armando Garcia

The object, revealed:



Stargate anyone?

The Troll

What a crock of crap! I've spent 28 months in Antarctica and never saw anything strange. Except, of course the folks I worked with, Really strange....


there fricking sleestackes i tell ya


the internet - cultivating lies and misinformation since 1989

Trevor Morse

I will tell you what the time vortex anomaly is all about! It has manifested there and is a doorway back to the past. Due to the upcoming 2012 disaster/predictions, hence, what is and what should never be... We are going to be given a second chance at saving our planet. The whole key is the deposition of quartz crystals at the North/South poles. When we enter the center of the galaxy and receive the cosmic burst, man's collective consciousness/ethera will spiral there (North/South poles) as the poles shift/reverse. I know it sounds out of this world, and believe me it is! Hopefully, we will be able to conjure enough intelligent people to make this plan happen before time runs out for us and we get blown to smithereens. Thank you!

ps... Monica Lewinsky loves Bill Clinton & Bill Clinton loves Monica Lewinsky!!


It's incredible how many comments I received, which proves that conspiracy theories, aliens and UFOs are still a very interesting topic.


How many of you bothered to read the author's profile? The guy is a professional marketer. He's just yanking your collective chain.


Thanks everyone for your posts. It has been a lot of fun reading them. Comet Elenin is coming. Some people are saying a fleet of saucers and a humongous mothership is hiding behind the comet. It will enter our solar system in August 2011. Stay tuned.

Gokhan Demirtas

wow, i am surprised at the amount of stupid bullshit on this page by people that have nothing else better than making up stupid bullshit with absolutely zero scientific evidence, or any sort of attachment to the reality, and try to tell everyone that it's true, have you actually gone up to the antarctic(a!) to see if this story is true ? I guess not, so fuck you!

I garuntee that none of you have been to college, all you do is copy-paste any nonsense (calling it information) you see, because you are jelous of smart people who bust their asses for discovery and scientific advance

You people make me sad by proving to the rest of the world about how very little your mind is, weak and open to all sorts of voodoo bullshit, you close your mind to fill it with new age horseshit and tell everyone that it has been found and the government is hiding it.

Pathetic, you people really need to open your minds (I don't think it's possible) and get rid of all that useless balooney, especially this "the truth is out there" bullshit, go read some books or wiki.

No Name

wow, i am surprised at the amount of negative comments on this page by people that have nothing else better to do with absolutely zero knowledge of anything but what they do know, and try to tell everyone that they know everything, have you actually gone up to the antarctic to see if this story is or isn't true ?
I garuntee that none of you have been there to see it, all you do is criticize and put down any information you see because you are jelous that there maybe something found that you didn't find yourself !
You people make me sad by proving to the rest of the world about how very little your mind is, not open at all, you close your mind to fill it with the government propaganda and tell everyone that there is no way that this could have been found !
Pathetic, you people really need to open your minds and get rid of all that American propaganda, especially this we are free bullshit, if we were a free country we would not have to work a day in our life, instead we are all not free and we are all working to serve the government and get us in debt ! fuck that !

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