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Violet Jessy

Interesting post about 3 wheelers!

terrie russo

I live in Massachusetts and am not sure where I can purchase one for my daughter and son.


I love this. I want to buy one for my daughter. I am sure she will love this.Thanks for sharing this.

Rich Eiton

The best thing about the AutoMoto is the price....and the model also seems to be too attractive.

I Ketz

Can't wait to have this in our home. Surely my wife will love this.


Chad, you will need to contact a Auto-Moto dealer in your country, or one in the U.S. about adding side panels to protect from the rain. Check the links I provided in the post for a list of dealers. Scooter depot is one of them. Thanks for your comments, and hope you will visit my blog regularly.

chad wong

Can you make one with cover on the both side, in this case, rain and cold wind wont get in, is good for whole year, in busy city, like new york. if you have i buy one. thank you chad wong

Auto Accessories

This is so cool. Your videos are really very helpful to learn more from your article. Nice idea for a business.

Motorcycle Accessories

The auto moto scooter is an awesome three wheeler and runs at a speed of 60 mph. People will get good safety with high quality ride at affordable prices..

bmw brakes parts

Great bikes! I really like the auto moto scooter.

Bill Harbison, Owner The Helmet Shop

I was glad to see the riders in your blog were were wearing thier motorcycle helmets. It never seems to amaze me how many motorcylist make the decision to ride without a motorcyle helmet. All it woud take is one week working at our shop and you would change your mind quickly. Just yesterday a customer brought in his helmet that he recently crashed in. It was clear that if he was not wearing it, his face would have been ripped off. Make the right decision and always wear your motorcycle helmets

Chris S

Awesome article. So many choices and so little time to ride. Thanks for sharing.

cheapest scooter insurance

That is some weird looking ride right there. Interesting have though since only a few own such ride.


If you are interested in buying an AutoMoto scooter or wish to become a dealer, below is the link:

adil hashem

This is really a very nice cool & staff. I would love to promote the product in BANGLADESH and I would like to apply for DEALERSHIP. My I know the process & requirements for DEALERSHIP.

Bangladesh has a big potential for these products.


motorcycle parts

Thanks for providing this nice information about the motorcycle accessories. This is amazing post related to the renew of bike.. The points you mentioned above are very useful to those who are looking for it.. I have also changed the color and accessories of my bike and now it's looking superb.


This is great. The features are really awesome as well as the price, so affordable.

Double Glazing Worcester

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing nice and super fun video!

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