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  • How Social Media Has Changed The Ad Game - MDG
  • Millennials and Omnichannel Experiences
  • Millennials live online  and tend to buy online
  • Millennials are searching for value and base their purchasing decisions on price and less on quality
  • Millennials turn on to their online networks like social networks when makin purchasing decisions
  • Millennial generation
  • Millennials have dfferent priorities like spendingless  putting off marriage  home and automobile ownership
  • Millennials are encumbered with debt  primarily from outstanding student loans  and this level of debt continues to grow yearly
  • Millennials have grownup with the internet and smartphones in an always-on digital world
  • Millennials are social media connected  which gives them a platform to reach the world
  • Millenials generation is the biggest in US history -- even bigger than the Baby Boomers