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With the development of network technology , network environment, more and more complicated . A lot of spam blog sites exist . Like such a good blog is hard to come by . The content of your blog is very rich, and contains a lot of valuable knowledge and information . Thank you very much for sharing such a fine article .



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Social media has come a long way since its establishment years ago. Aside from connecting people, it also plays a role as a very vital marketing tool.

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I looked over the graph explaining why people use social media and I think it's a little weird how big the gap is between connecting with family and expressing myself and views, seeing that so many people update their facebook statuses multiple times a day and posts videos and pictures of things that contain people who are not themselves. I highly doubt it that people write their parents and siblings on facebook as often as they posting these kinds of things...

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Hi! The part about who you're communicating with via social media is really interesting, but not surprising at all. same goes for the map of areas with a lot of social networking usage. I just think it's really cool to see these stats. Thanks for sharing!

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so pretty.You are a good teacher. Lucky student!

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I agree with details you have explained here, from long time i am searching the same article but didn't find it till now, thanks for sharing the article here.

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LinkdIn has 50 million unique visitors per month. Designed for professionals seeking to network with other like minded individuals. You will discover how your competitors to stay ahead of you. Marketing boards and, more recently, the best software and network with people. Jobs only advice in your area of expertise. Ning has 42 million unique visitors per month. This site is known by the organizations or individuals wishing to create their own social network around their passion.

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It benefited a lot in fairness to many.

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No doubt that most people today are so hooked up with social sites (from teenagers to adults). This has become a reason why some SMEs hire white hat SEO. Indianapolis, we all know that this place has a ton of businesses. So, expect that marketing competition is truly tight (especially online). For sure, any entrepreneur in Indianapolis, SEO techniques have become so helpful in optimizing their site, and building good reputation in order to be visible on the SERP's.

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We live in the Age of Bullshit.


Social media sites have shown a steady growth in recent years. Social sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. These sites are no more just a networking sites, it is being used by business people too for advertising their businesses.

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