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  • Swiss pilot André Borschberg (shown in the cockpit of Solar Impulse 2) was in the air for more than 100 hours. This is a new record for the longest solo flight in aviation history
  • Life Onboard The Solar Inpulse
  • Mr Borschberg left Nagoya, Japan (pictured) at 7.23pm BST last Sunday (3.03am local time on Monday) on the five-day trek across the Pacific Ocean
  • Swiss co-pilot Bertrand Piccard, pictured here, stayed in constant contact with Mr Borschberg from the control centre in Monaco throughout the flight
  • The plane is pictured here above Hawaii about an hour before the successful landing. Next up will be a four-day flight to Phoenix, Arizona, followed by a crossing of the US
  • Pictured on the right of the image above, Prince Albert of Monaco applauds the safe landing of the plane at the Mission Control Centre
  • Before landing in Hawaii, Mr Borschberg (pictured) had to deal with a minor battery problem, and also had to fly the plane over a sizeable weather front
  • This was the second attempt at crossing the Pacific after the the first attempt was aborted due to bad weather. This map shows the actual route taken by the Solar Impulse 2 to Hawaii in yellow
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  • Solar Impulse 2 began its multi-leg 22,000-mile (35,400km) round-the-world trip on 9 March this year, taking off from Abu Dhabi and landing safely in Oman 12 hours and 250 miles (400km) later after its first leg
  • Swiss pilot André Borschberg has successfully landed in Hawaii (pictured). He spent more than 100 hours alone in the single-seater plane, smashing the record for the longest solo flight in aviation history
  • Coming into land, Solar Impulse 2, powered by the sun's rays and piloted by Andre Borschberg, approaches Kalaeloa Airport near Honolulu after a 120-hour voyage from Nagoya, Japan