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uk disco

Interesting! I have been looking for this info for the last few hours

bay area disc jockey

It is amazing how the once undisputed champion of Corporate America has fallen so deep.
I remember the whining about Apple's touch screen, how bad it was for

Jimmy John

This is a good place for the time spent a. I just found your blog informative and wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your messages.


Definitely this blog is very informative and neatly designed. Really you've motivated me strongly in my new project by this article. As a constant reader of your blog I want to tell you that your writing skills are superb.


Solar Robot,

Yes, it is true. RIM aka BlackBerry, was too slow in entering the touchscreen smartphone and tablet markets. When they did enter, they had lost many customers to Apple and Android. This trend continues, to the point where RIM is now experiencing financial problems, and is looking for a white knight to acquire them. I doubt that Facebook or Microsoft will acquire them. Microsoft just recently announced plans to launch their own Microsoft Windows 8 phone, so this puts an end to that rumor. It's my feeling that BlackBerry phones will go the way of the dinosaur. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments about this post. Tommy

Solar Robot

It is amazing how the once undisputed champion of Corporate America has fallen so deep.
I remember the whining about Apple's touch screen, how bad it was for emailing, people need to have keys to type and so on.
I guess when you are on top companies tend to get lazy and fall asleep at the wheel.

Solar Lights

Great article, good insights in to the smartphone wars! Thanx

Sally Johnson

Great site! You have very useful information. Do you have any experience with it consulting? I could use some help.

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