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October 2011


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  • Aston Martin makes a surprise DBX debut
  • In May, Lamborghini announced its intention to produce an SUV crossover model
  • The Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept One at Pikes Peak
  • Hennessy thinks the Viper F5 has a shot at 290 mph
  • The Tuatara looked raring to go when it was revealed in 2011, but four years later, its status is questionable
  • At 887-hp, the Porsche 918 Spyder is the least powerful of the Big 3, but so far, it's been the most impressive on the asphalt
  • The 1,500-hp Regera powertrain includes a V8 engine and three electric motors
  • The Rimac is powered by a 1,088-hp, four-motor system with a 92-kWh battery
  • 2015-state-of-the-game --- supercarss
  • Bugatti released the very last Bugatti Veyron earlier this year, a special-edition Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale
  • Four dfferent versions of the Bugatti Veyron were produced during its incredible run
  • Facebook CEO and Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg